5 backflips where?

5 Backflips
Where you can do the best

I still don’t have that trophy.

You can do it in the current vs track Big and Short. There is an insanely big drop near the end. As soon as you exit the jump, start leaning forward and hold it all the way down. That usually gives you five flips.

I usually lean back to pull of backflips…
But hey, thats me :slight_smile:

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I heard you were taking a trip to shutty town.

I’m starting to question your leadership of the team :joy:

i cant do 5 backflips

TIL @THR_Birdshaw plays with inverted keys.

@THR_KingKnobby take a one way trip to shutty town! And why would anyone not question my leadership. @LesterWire… Go join knobby!


I just realized someone changed my little thing under my name. Was that you? :joy::joy:

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#What?! Me?! I WOULD NEVER!
The fact that it mysteriously changed after arguing with me is mere happenstance.

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Accusing someone of being an “Aspiring THR member” is a whole new level of cyber bullying.

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Well perhaps it would be, had it not been a random data mutation. Hey! Those things happen!

Bullied by Data

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Always wondered why there was Jerk under James name then. Those datas ain’t loyal :slight_smile: :smile:

Edit: When will the data remember me? In a positive way though, just like Lester :wink:

The data is a forgiving bunch. I’m not… but Kip is :slight_smile:

Where are you abe to see what trophy you have earned?

I’m not 100 on this, but I think you need to be connected to game center.