25,000 wins in Vs

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nice job! how many hours of time is that? @DEFTEK67

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Hours??? More like years! Been playing since 2016

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wow i’ve played since before msmx 2 came out so you must have played all day every day.

how do I get the helmet in this photo

Ya no. That helmet is for the people that are proven to be some of the best in the world. It has to be earned by getting in the top 12 of the world championship I think.



I don’t blame u for wanting it, it’s a cool ass helmet


Yeah top 12 from the world championship got it

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Lol… it might seem that way but not so much. I should probably play more jams but I have several guys that can’t get enough of vs and I enjoy racing them.

Bruh, with me just seeing this, forget the 25000 wins, look how much he has vs ONE SINGLE PLAYER!!! LIKE JESUS 5000 WINS AGAINST ONE PLAYER!!! Good job!!!