2017 Monster Energy Supercross

Here you can make guesses on who will win races and talk about them. (I’m bad at intros) :grin:

I have no idea who will win, but i wouldn’t mine seeing Reed or Canard win tonight.

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I wouldn’t mind seeing eli tomac win a frickin race haha.

I’m for Reed or Anderson but Marvin Musquin , Ken Roczen or Ryan Dungey will probably take the win .

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Dungey is crazy fast and smart so probably yeah

I think it would be nice to see Forkner pull out a win.

JS7 didn’t ride, did he? Any word on when he is coming back?

Don’t know yet when coming back…

Rumor was Mookie could be back as soon as round 2 or 3, James who knows…


James posted online that he is not done racing yet.

I think mookie is back for A2. But James… Who knows. One more sleep to sx, woot lol