World championship question/request thread


Hey nicely said i totally get it now thanks for all the help! Bow I have checked out your Youtube channel before when I didn’t have premium I would watch your videos to find out the best lines to tracks

But anyways thanks for your advice I just needed some clarifications and I got them so I’m happy btw I have seen that episode of impractical jokers… :joy: @THR_KingT72


I would like turborilla staff to think over something. How about a real world championship or olympics! Take the best players from every country and compete country against country in different kind off disciplines. Jam, VS, Enduro, Short Track, Long Track, Stadium Cross, Outdoor MX. Etc. And then points for positions. And the country with most points after all disciplines. Wins! :grinning: But offcourse a winner in each discipline will be crowned and 2:nd and 3:rd. But also a Team win for best country and 2:nd and 3:rd best :blush:
@hyarion, @JoeW723




Like monster energy FIM MXoN when riders represent there country in a series of races and have 250(bike7 or 9) 450(bike 11) and open. Good idea. Bike, tire colors etc have to be nation colors


Yeah! That would be cool to have! Country coloured bikes and helmets and clothes :smiley: :+1:


We have lots of cool stuff planned, don’t worry :slight_smile:


Please dont keep it a secret for so long Though :smiley:


Once we figure out all the details we will announce it. Hopefully soonish.