Track Building Ideas



No offense man but I don’t know if you could even make those tracks playable the way they are currently sketched out, maybe make those humps and zig zags more subtle to be able to actually ride them. Also consider that not all players are on the same bike when you sketch something. We want to have something everyone can ride on no matter your skill or bike level. Good luck


Cool @Steve-ox will keep that in mind & try again :slight_smile:


Yeah, @Irc_Durrani keep trying man. It’s awesome to see some new ideas Bing posted and I could be wrong but I’m just offering my opinion. I hope you make a design that gets built and put into the game. I did and it really is an awesome feeling.


I’m not creative enough to draw a full track but could someone implement this into a track? Picture is god awful but it’s just like 4 step up dragons backs in a row with gaps in between but perhaps it could be doubled up by smaller bikes and in experiences players but needs to be much faster to hit the dragons back

Picture might just hurt things but here it is. I drew it up quick on my phone

So like 4 sets of whoops with gaps in between. Perhaps 5-8 whoops in each I’m not sure what works good.

Picture shows gap to be veritcal. It can’t be vertical but close to it


Okay, here’s an idea. Open a song in a sound editor program, something like GarageBand or other. Pick a cool song like AC/DC-Hells Bells or ZZ Top-Just Got Paid etc. Zoom in on a favorite section(s) of the song and model a track or part of a track on the shape of resulting wave geometry. If the peaks of the waves are too sharp, connect the tips with a line, spline or arc to smooth them out.


That could be interesting lol


Alright, @jaybird1138 and @Irc_Durrani
We need higher standard when it comes to the drawings you post here. I know its hard to sketch up a descent track, so dont get me wrong :slight_smile: I’ve done a fair amount of drawings myself (got one Jam track, called Kip Da Whip, awesome track btw) :smile:

The best you could do as a first step is to pick a track you like, see how its built up, and try to make something similar but not a copy.
Go oldschool and grab a pen and a piece of paper instead of Ms Paint.
For me thats much easier.
Make 5-6 different tracks and take it from there, some of them might end up good after you’ve done it a few times.

Im glad you put in some effort though, keep it up guys :slight_smile:


You got it. Track coming up soon I’m bored now anyway…


Here it is

Edit: picture would help😳

Wall on upper right is too small. Needs to be like a straight rhythm wall jump

After the wall in the middle it can either be scrubbed and double then triple or triple double. Double triple needs to be faster but hard to land because of steep landing


When I was younger, on road trips I used to fly my hand out the window and imagine jumping the terrain on the horizon as it passed by. Inspiration everywhere.:


Copy the MX and MxGP tracks


There you go :slight_smile: Looking sooooo much better now, and easier for the track design crew to get a hold of your ideas.
Well done :sunny:


I ask that you you remember bike 1. Some of my jam buddies and I will sometimes race each other with bike 1 as a fun change of pace. Its actually quite fun.


I think the reason bike 1 is overlooked a little bit is that nooone, save guys like you, actually drive it. Five minutes of playing time, and you have bike 2. 20 minutes later you’re at bike 4.


I’m drawing up a couple ideas in photoshop with the pen tool. I’ll have something posted in the next couple days.


How do you like this idea?


Maybe it’s my phone but I don’t see a picture.


Same here. I aint see shit. Upload again Matt @MaChew907 :slight_smile:


Weird. When I had loaded the idea it had shown up. Looking at this and it didn’t appear. I’ll try again.