Track Building Ideas


I would like to see a Hill Climb track. All up hill. And the second track a down hill track. I will work on some ideas.


The track builder is limited to a height and a depth so you cant build infinite uphill or downhill, great idea tho. :+1:


What are the limits? It would be interesting to make a gradual uphill track the whole way, with jumps and bumps but always going up slightly until the end.


We can go pretty high or low. Just draw something up and I’ll see what is possible.


We plan to make a public editor once MSM3 is out. That is still a long ways off though.


Me personally I love whoops in real life and in the game and there was a jam a couple weeks ago to started off with a huge set of whoops and I loved it I think it would be cool if there was a track that only had whoops big medium or small. What do you think?


That would be pretty rad. But it depends on the bike I’ve got #8 cuz I don’t play too much anymore


I think there should be an update for sand pits and 2 strokes


Sand pits or a sand track will be awesome/ challenging!!


2 strokes would be cool. Maybe different bikes at the same competitive level. Like how we have the best bike now but a 2 stroke equivalent that is maybe a little less torque but lighter so you could be competitive on it instead of being stuck to the one top bike to post legit times. That would be cool.


Anybody have ideas for upcoming Jam tracks? Post up some pics!


I think we should put Tennessee raceway in or Glen Helen


Elevation changes fox gear and some new gear companies


Im gonna try draw something in the next couple of days, maybe a collab with @Birdshaw aswell :wink:

I also heard rumours that @CountVonKasta had some sweet ideas for a great track… :slight_smile:


Can we get a thread dedicated to track drawings where people can submit or is there already one?

Also, you guys know of a basic spline editor for WIN (not cad or 3d app plz) that would work to draw up a track other than photoshop pen tool. I don’t have any paper and pencil / pen.

Edit dude I’m retarded I didn’t realize what thread I was in…




I tried doing it on paint, hope u like the track,the idea was to make it as difficult as possible hope u can try making this a jam track :slight_smile: More on there way…


i forgot to mention middle line is the Start line guys.


One More guys


and you need to view it zooming 800% thats how i drew it. Hope it makes sense :smiley: