Track Building Ideas



Nightbot: No whoops!!!:cheese::cheese::cheese:


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Rcboxer made one of these but there are three more awesome tracks :wink:


Of these I did the top right one in the picture.


I like how most of the jumps say something to the effect of “impossible” haha


Yeah, its fun when its almost impossible :slight_smile:
You could hook me up on Skype some day and I could join in and tell you what to do… So the tracks you’re makin are gettin that famous Kip touch


Flamboyantly homosexual?


The more tech the better.

Introduce yourself, yo!

how can you make. track?


You can’t but you can draw up a design and post it here, if the track builders like your design maybe they will build it and let you name it. Have fun and good luck!


The easiest way is to sketch your track on paper or in paint and post it here. If it rocks a designer will pick it up and make it for you. If it rocks super awesomely it’ll be in the game as a jam or vs track. The editor, however, is not easily attainable.


I just said that!!!


R u able to make is so we can create our own tracks and let friends race them? So maybe there can be a ‘Track Editor’ icon the we can tap. I LOVE THE GAME


As mentioned earlier, only staff and a few beta testers have the editor, but ive heard they’ll add a bunch of features like this in the next mx game :smiley:


Track Building Ideas this is this weeks track wicked. So the designs do make it in to the game if you put some thought into a design and sketch it out. We have some awesome track designers and they want people involved with new ideas to keep things fresh and get everyone involved so draw something up and see where it goes


On track Clay Peak I got first in NZ my name is Miersche and I got 267 in the world. Watch me it was sick!


This might be a little too much work but, I have a crazy idea for jam. What if, just for one track, you made the players start on the right side and you race going left. So it would just be a backwards track. It could be called “The Royal Reversal” or “Rewind”… Maybe something like that.


That’d be like relearning the entire game. :joy:


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Would it be possible to use the idea of multiple lines and changed up rhythm on the second lap for a multi lap vs track? Tracks with speed effected rhythm are great. Adding in long triples with perfect timing makes for great vs races.