Track Building Ideas


Thanks for submitting! I’m sure @JoeW723 and the other builders will take a careful look at your drawing and give it full consideration!

Care to start by drawing up an idea, @51Ce?




How come the option “Screw em, they’re ruining my life” is missing?


Sure I’d love to but how would I test it without an editor? I’m more of a finished product kind of guy. Is there something I can run on PC to build/test apart from running the actual dev environment?

Here’s some BS I created back in the day for reference of skillset.


@JoeW723 are you gonna stream a user track anytime soon?


I plan to do more once SX season ends.


Couldn’t resist building another track . I hope everyone likes this one & that it isn’t as tough as the last one (Last Line) turned out to be . I really enjoy making these for everybody . Let me know what you all think !


Last Line isnt too tough, its perfect! Just gotta shigz out them whoops! :slight_smile:


@Tim_Flaherty are having difficulties to post but he sent me some drawings and here it goes.
I think the track looks cool :slight_smile:
He tried making it as user friendly as he could for the lower bike classes


I am pretty sure i am switching my Tuesday streams over to track building instead of racing the VS/Jams so i am totally down to build one of these on the stream if you guys want to hang out


Yeah man. It was a hoot last tuesday.


Sounds good. Many good drawings in here (the four of mine included) :smile:


@Kipketer the one I did for you is scheduled to come out in May :+1:


That is so awesome to hear, cant wait to race it :smile:


Which track that hasnt been done yet should i build on the twitch stream today?


I just made Steve-ox track. So don’t do that one : )


Maybe I will freestyle it then :+1:t2:


I think that’s a great idea, we’ve seen user tracks get built but to have your personal touch and ideas from the chat should be really fun tonwatch​:+1::+1:


It is decided! I think i am going to go for a short VS track today. The Jam queue has quite a few tracks in it already and i just sent over 2 more.


@rcboxer I’m really stoked to see how it turned out😋