Track Building Ideas


Next track of his going in the game will be a Versus track this Sunday. He also has a bunch of tracks in the subscription pack. Not sure when his next Jam track will be out. Maybe 3 weeks.


Ok😂 Thanks man👍 Looking forward to it😊


Algo Musical



The stretch we represent.
Come in the Jam or bein den challenged pure.
When the jam come, as our name is actually the designer of the stretch … or the one who built it.

With one or the other I thought that could be my proposal.




Be cool to do some throwback tracks, some 90’s-2000’s supercross tracks, they were always pretty gnarly.


Hi @mx.phreek
If you could put the tracks that I designed in monthly package would be incredible, today I subscribe.


i want this


Here is a stretch idea of ​​mine. The beginning to about middle is of a correct stretch.


it look is funny. i think nice track.


Everest vs Chimborazo (Chimborazo is the highest volcano in my country, It is considered to be higher than the same Mount Everest if we count its height from the level of the Sea:)


False! Mt Everest is the tallest measured from sea level. Your volcano may be taller when compared with the surrounding area.
Cool track BTW. Not sure if it will break the top and bottom of the editor though.


If this track is made, it can be paired in a jam week with the sagarmatha track that @OnTheFrontLine built. Sagarmatha is the nepali name of the everest, and the track is mostly upwards, while this is mainly downhill.

Cc @JoeW723



Btw, the summit from Chimborazo is the farthest point from earths center… The everest is the highest from sea level.


From Earth’s center. Who cares about that?! My left nut is the farthest from the third moon of Jupiter.


i want the track Everest vs Chimborazo will be so fast.




Why are you going to make a new mx game , I think madskillsmx 2 is great and would be better with these features, please reply why you guys are going to make a new mx game