Track Building Ideas


Did anyone make this already? I’ll make it an upload it as a VS track later today. Called Coke vs. Pepsi.


Finished. Should be uploaded shortly. The only change I made was on your first jump you can either hit it as a double, or tire tap it and clear it to the flat table like in your drawing.


15 minutes. Damn!


I don’t mess around :slight_smile:


I don’t do anything but…


Thank you so much it means a lot!!!:pray::pray::pray:


your track designed is good and hard


@OnTheFrontLine so will i be able to see it in a jam ? :slight_smile: just tring my luck :slight_smile:


You’re barking up the wrong tree. @JoeW723 is the man to blame uh I mean ask.




What track you talking about?


This idea is sick!(1111111111111111)


@JoeW723 the one i tried sketching, never mind ill try some more


I should of made it longer so it was harder







Peasus vs Fenix


This looks fun.


Hey Joe!
When do u think there will be a track on jam from @OnTheFrontLine? I’ve been watching him build tracks on his stream. He’s really good at it and the tracks looks both fun and hard. I’ve been playing for quite a while now and starting to recognise which track is made by who. I think that a variety of trackbuilders on jam would boost the game a lot. Cause every trackbuilder has a different approach and style, and that would make it more challengeing for us players. when we don’t know what to expect.