Track Building Ideas


That track is super long. I had to shorten it in a bunch of spots and it’s still 1:30 as 1 lap.


Obviously the straight at the start isn’t supposed to be that long . And what are u gonna shorten?


The straight doesn’t add much. Both those rhythm sections are massive. I shortened the whoops and both rhythm sections. I also took out the last part with the dragons back.


Will it say that the designer is ANDREWJB_13


I’m just nosy lol


No, the designer is usully who actually made the track in the editor.


Oh ok


I know y’all have a lot of tracks already, but I put a little more thought into this one. The red line is the fast option and the black is slower. There is an option for a 3rd semi fast line that goes back an forth from the red line and black line. RIM WAR @OnTheFrontLine @JoeW723


Haha I suck at my own track! And btw it’s amazing!!!


Got a new different design,I’m going to finish it and post it hopefully later today (mon)


Here is a track i would like you to look at.
2 lines , hopefully you guys will at least give a comment😜



Sorry for the bad scaling and bad drawing but hopefully u get the idea . Purple = hard line. Green is harder lines and red is easy . And I forgot to draw that u can jump the one before the last table over the tallest one in the last section


track by me


your so good at drawing great job


Keyboard vs Mouse


Cool options


A VS track for bike 1-11. The lines u have to figure out by your self😊


Its good track but what isbthe perfecline


It’s for all the bike types. But for bike 11 u start with quadding to get on top of the table, and u should be able to almost get on top of te pyramid if you’re a hell of a seat bouncer and then almost on top of the hill, after that just hold on.:blush: