Track Building Ideas


( talking about the “rhythm section” ) would be so cool if you could triple to the small on-off and then wheeltap the 4th to get ontop of the bigger on-off, that would be a fun line.


Yea that’s what I meant,I was thinking hard triples and choice of triples all the way with a single or a quad at the end or a double or using the rollers to jump tap the first one


Yea that would but I didn’t mean for it to be that small , I only had 5 minutes of time to think design and draw this,I want it to be a little bigger but I suck at drawing lol


Yea I’m going to design more tracks , especially supercross/rythym tracks


The stretching seen reversed, usually results also ne great ranges … perhaps with small from change of the jump hills.


Those are some pretty dope tracks. I will try to squeeze them in :slight_smile:



The different colors are different lines, blue is mostly the more hard intense line and red is the easier line and when there’s 3 lines yellows there too. When there’s one line that’s just one line. It’s two laps ,u jump onto the single at the beginning


If u pick these will they be jam tracks or stock tracks or versus tracks?


I would like to see tracks with 3 separate lines to choose from all around the track. No whoops just jump lines:)


Hey! I have a GREAT idea for a track. It’s this super long rythm track whee you have to scrub it perfectly to even stay near the fast line. Then in between the rythm sections there HAS to be some Joe whoops™ just to screw you ov… uhm I mean make it interesting. Then after you’ve done it all, how about we make you do it all over again. Oh wait… @JoeW723 allready built that one…


C’mon Birdshaw, don’t blame Joe. He didn’t design it, Monster Energy Supercross did!


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That would be my idea for the cross track.


Best artwork I have seen on here :+1: great job.


? Sorry I don’t understand what you mean


On the head seen also some stretches result, with slight from changes …
Sorry the translator does not translate unfortunately so great.
Understand here also usually only half.


Here is a new Idea i think:) how about 2 separate lines with one of the lines going in to a tunnel where u can’t see the bike just the rider:) after the tunnel a big jump. This would be the fast line if u ride your bike right, and u will clear the jump. The other line goes on top of the tunnel and u land in the jump and won’t really make the big jump clear but still faster than the one in the tunnel if he can’t get the right speed. :smiley:


I’m gonna try and make this now, I’ll upload it for Jam this week. It will be called “Creeks”.

Depending on how long 1 lap ends up being I may only make it 1 lap. I’m guessing this is a minute+ one lapper.


Omg thanks!