Track Building Ideas


Yes, they can be right.
11 and 8, I would agree is definitely fun …


For sure, post it up. We can give it a try. Sometimes outdoor style MX tracks don’t work well in MSM2. They tend to be boring in game, but we will give it a go.


and for some strange reason that I don’t get, outdoor tracks tends to turn and twist :thinking:


Isn’t sleepy hollow a real life outdoor track on this game? Or is it some hollow??


Joe usually remakes the SX tracks and I think he’s planning on doing it again this season.


Some hollow


Yeah, i know. I just tried to be funny. Some real tracks translates really well when straightening them out for this game.


Versus track




Nice layouts. @rcboxer @mx.phreek @yzbeast622 @JoeW723 @allynbencen

Maybe you will fancy having a go at these?


Lg vs Samsung is going up in a few minutes, some minor changes, but it’s pretty close.


I was run rhis track is very funny thx friend.


That was fast! Well done.


Cool, I just driven, fun pur LG vs. Samsung


It won’t let me upload a photo it’s just loading and loading and loading



Looks good! I like the doubles section because it can be tripled as well :+1: @OnTheFrontLine you should make this track



sorry upside down