Track Building Ideas


I like it. @OnTheFrontLine… What do you think?


Yeah that’s pretty dope. The first part looks like what I started to build Tuesday before I realized i couldn’t control the bike to test the track haha. All is fixed now


Thanks y’all , I think its to short though an I’m not sure if it would work as a 2lapper.


If you want to make changes to it that’s fine. Just post up another picture :+1:


Ha, I remember looking at that and thinking I’d make it cause it looked decent. But I got sidetracked and forgot about it lol.


Well your more than welcome to make it. :+1: Its called RY-RY Strong. I would suggest in making the downhill parts of the track twice as long. It should make it a lil more fun :pray:


Have also some (10) stretch on sheet used, if you like, I post the here gladly times high.


Show us what you got!




Ill attempt that one. It is going to be a hoot













Hope it pleases the one or the other route …


That’s quite a handful. 11 tracks or 11 laps? :confused:




Hey @JoeW723 do you think I could send you a video of me riding at the track at my house and maybe make it a track?


Post it here. There are a few designers hanging around.


That is pretty badass. I may give that a go


Is this one whole track?


No, 11 different.


If one too short, one can combine what.
All 11 would be extremely long …


What do you think if I combine track 11 and 8 together and make it 2 laps? I think it would be fun :+1: