Track Building Ideas

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  4. ???

  5. Profit.


You’ll never get anything more specific out of that ding dong. Sometimes I feel like he wouldnt stream at all if I weren’t riding the middle of his balls constantly.


@THR_Birdshaw I hope you arent talking about me! You know i can see what you post right? :laughing:


@THR_chykason_NG I dont know if i will be streaming a track build today or not, but if i do it will be at my normal stream time between 2-3pm central time start



Don’t totally know how this forum stuff works so if I messed up somewhere, that’s why. Anyhow, here’s a track I put together recently. My idea for the first jump is that if you hit it normally, you double and then jump over the table. But if you wheelie/preload it, you get on top of the table. For the last jump, I would like tripling all the way over to be difficult. Other than those two obstacles, I believe the track is pretty self-explanatory. Of course, feel free to make any edits to make things flow better. Name is “FYG” and it’s 2 laps. BTW ignore the track on top; it was a rough draft.

The OFFICIAL Jam Week #178 Discussion

Nice sketch, hopefully one of the track builders makes it!!


I’m curious to know what FYG means


I think it would be cool is someone made a hang town track


Hi friends
The First Line


Hmm I like it. Could you draw out how the bike would go through to show the lines?


ok I will do it



^Sick! :thumbsup:


Manual vs Automatic


Looks interesting, be to long for a vs I think. Jam maybe . What about the rest of the track not showing the rhythm, follow the black line or leave that up to ones interpretation ?


I would say that what is marked is the most specific


Everything about the track is dope, I think. Even the name is unique. Unfortunately, as @mx.phreek rightly pointed out, it will be too long for a Vs track. I think there are now two scenarios:

  1. Leave it as it is, for a Jam track. Of course, you get to rename the track.

  2. Post an abridged (shorter) drawing of the track and still name it “Manual vs Automatic”.

You can make a choice, @TSR_SamMeci_SD


It would be excellent if it is part of the jam


You will now get to suggest a new name for the Jam track, since it isn’t a Vs track any longer.

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