Track Building Ideas


Vicious looking track man! Definitely looks like a track worthy of @Nolan_Beyer or @JoeW723. Just my opinion tho!


@bryan @JoeW723 @rcboxer @allynbencen @OnTheFrontLine @yzbeast622

Check this out. I drew it up on my PC :slight_smile:

Coloured dash-lines show different lines. With full speed, one can equally whip over the “lucky bounce” shown with the purple dash-line


@chykason Looks awesome man. I can build it today on the stream if you would like


Go ahead, man. I would love it, absolutely. Time for the stream?


Ill probably start sometime between 2-3pm central today at


Nigeria is on real people time so that means 21-22.


Noted. I hope to join you guys then. :slight_smile:


Going over to Twitch, right now


What is your track called? Looks fun


Its called “Chy Square”. If you ain’t following @OnTheFrontLine on Twitch every Tuesday/Thursday, you’re missing a lot :wink:


@THR_chykason_NG @THR_KingKnobby It is a pretty fun track man. It’s always really fun to see how people make up time on tracks like those :thumbsup:


I’ll have to check it out sometime.


We should name a vs track TCR vs THR @Kipketer @THR_Birdshaw @OnTheFrontLine @JoeW723 @mx.phreek


Sure why not :slight_smile:


@Steve-ox I will get on that :slight_smile: I will do a super special track build stream for it.


:sunglasses::+1::+1::+1: Nice!!!


I turned on notifications on twitch for when you go live. Hoping I’m not at work when you’re building one. Haha I’m really curious as to how the track creator works.


@LesterWire It is a pretty fun process. If i get time after work today i may do a stream for this TCR vs THR track build.


It’s pretty fun, I must say. After seeing it done live, I wish I had the track creator. :smile:


I wish you’ll be more specific. I don’t want to miss it. :wink: