The Tracks you enjoy playing/played the most?


Turtles vs Shredder - VS track


I love the track called Heisenberg… Popped up in versus again this week didn’t remember liking it this much when it was in jam… Oh Heisenberg/Breaking bad is just awesome too :joy:


Swift - I spent hours on this one… had no.1 for a short time when bike 11 came out… This track is challenging…


My favourites are:

  1. Yoghurt vs (can’t remember).
  2. Triumph( was on smacktalk last week, totally love it)
  3. Flossy.


And scrubbing troubles, i really liked that one too


And Birdshawshank Redemption. Everybody loves that aswell.


I like tracks that aren’t more than between 15-50 sek after that It’s to much to remember. But hey! Thats just me maybe😜


Triumph was a cash race track right?


Yes. I mean sort of, it was a “smacktalk” track, It’s a tough track most of the times, and also you can, if u want to, make reguests or complaint or wine about anything. It’s a track with 10000 free tries but only for those in Diamond league. And 1st place take all money. Which is as much as in “sunday practice” :grinning: It’s great​:+1:


But maybe i should add, it would be fun if it would become a real cash track, i have not played for so long but i have never seen it before. It could be an old jam track or something i don’t know.


LoL I actually made that track. I just had forgot about it and didn’t remember if it was for Jam or a monthly subscription track. :rofl: