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Number 1 and 3 gotta be happy!


User has been banned.



Are you talking about Cash Jam now or usually for Dailies?

In Dailies there will be some overlap during Wednesdays/Thursdays as we update the rankings each week (Thursdays).

Say for example you were in Platinum and joined a daily at 21.00 CET on Wednesday. The day after you drop down to Gold. As you’ve already joined the Platinum daily you can continue playing that one.


Fair enough :slight_smile:
But what about the price pool? :confused:


We try to fix it as much as we can after that match so the one’s competing will get the money they deserve.



Seems like a short ban :smile:


What we did was to ban the second account and warn Bpanther. People get a second chance. But not more than that.


@MrSilverfox is cash racing available in the U.K.?




Allright… can you then tell them to make the ranking system more transparent? There seems to be a lot of mismatching between skill, earnings, and actual category placement.


Aha, I thought it couldn’t be fixed in a fly… Since it was first pointed out almost a month ago :stuck_out_tongue:

And I agree with Birdshaw, the rankings seems…Well, strange.
An example:
I started out with cash, played two challenges where I finished last, got moved up to Gold division (silver is where we start I guess) and are matched against world stars such as Auzzi, Sirscrubs and Parker :confused:


I agree with u guys the ranking should be shown somehow, atleast for everyone u play against. Right? Then the problem would be solved. Maybe🤔


Also, this.

Free to enter?
Fix the next sentence too while you tweak :wink:
There should be a , instead of a ! or the o in once should be big :stuck_out_tongue:


Yepp! And It’s not free anymore. Not a singel free try in cash jam and i think that the gumbler team should rethink that, cause many players won’t spend any money unless they can see if they even stand the slightest chance to win some. I’m one of them.:confused:


I don’t race cash games cause 1. I am on android and 2. I just wouldn’t play for cash so i may be very wrong here but aren’t the tracks the same as in regular jam? If that’s the case you could just play the normal jams first to see if you’re gonna stand a chance and play the cash jams after that if you think you do stand a chance right?


Thats exactly how it works out mah friend :slight_smile:
Nevertheless, the info text needs to be looked over


Not really because every player in the world shows on the leaderboard, and depending on if your in gold, platinum or Diamond you will have different opponents to face. Which could mean that if you are in platinum and is standing around 500-1000 on the leaderboard you could end up beeing around 10-50 in the cash jam. But you can’t see the times you’re facing unless u make one run, then it locks up and u can compare your time with those in top. You often dont ride as fast when competing cause there is money involved. Plus each try costs u😊


And i might add. Not everyone participate in cash jam such as yourself. For one reason or another. So you can stand a chans to win​:grin:, but if there is No free tries, as i said earlier then the participants will shrink in nr.:confused: Cause they won’t even try. Thats my thoughts only. Can’t speak for anyone else​:hugs:


We’re going to redo a little bit here. First small tweak in the rankings will come in the update tomorrow, next one the week after that.


There’s only two rankings in Challenges, three in Dailies & then 4 in Jams.

So you never start in Silver for Challenges, you start in Platinum.