The one and only Cash Games support topic


First off, it’s not gambling, it’s skill based money gaming. Gambling is just based on luck and as far as I can remember our game isn’t called Mad Luck Motocross :wink:

Regarding skill based cash games on Android. I know @MrSilverfox and the rest of the crew on Gumbler is working on it but there’s no news about it at this point, sorry.


What? Are you saying that the guys who beat me every week actually uses their SKILLS? Man, thats like, cheating or something… :smile:


IIRC the definition in at least Sweden is that it must be more than 50% skill, otherwise it’ll be defined as gambling


I have been playing this game from it release!! I always play on Android and Got No idea what Cash Jam is?? :scream::sob::sob::sob::sob: … damnnn​:angry::rage:


Well Im screwed then, I dont even reach 50% in my actual proffession :smile:




Some races are this way. Invisible track or bike. In this case both :rofl:


I haven’t gotten invisible track before, but something close to that 2 times like 3-8months ago. On a challenge (not cash jam) and like in the middle of the track, I’ll hit a wall (which only me will be seeing) whereas my opponent rides it through.

I have uploaded vids of my run with me and opponent on invisible bikes or only the heads showing.


Sometimes we spice things up a bit. Now that we hade these amazing Santa Helmets we had to do something fun :smiley:


I’ve played it way too much. It’s so much fun for some reason. Haha


It’s hard. I think I made this track and I’m completely lost on it :joy: Is cool looking with Santa hamlets and red riding gear!!!


After the tall ramp in the beginningish, I’m winging it. :joy:

Currently #1. Hoping sixfootseven will let me have it. :sweat_smile:


Speaking of head gear, will there be a top1k helmet underneath that santa lid when I take it off?


I’m moving the motion for the Top 1000 players to retain that Christmas head gear even after the celebrations. Let it be their helmets :smiling_imp:


This happens quite a bit. On an iPhone 6s+


When am I gonna get this in UK? I’ve asked before but never got answer.


If you are on android your guess is as good as anyone’s. Google will not allow real money games.


He’s just curious if cash racing is available in the U.K.


Wonder if I uninstall the game, set my VPN to US and install would it let me change country?


Perhaps… But Im pretty sure you would be messing around with some very stern rules