The one and only Cash Games support topic


Yeah it’s all set now thanks joe


Does it usually take a while to get your rewards from jam tracks?


Do you mean withdrawals or just getting a prize?


Getting the prize.


Ju get ot when the round ends


I haven’t gotten it. It isn’t showing up in my history or anything.


Also, are there not cash jams this week?


I’m not sure what’s going on with that


Maybe beta use red bull doesn’t want it to be a part of it?


thats what I was thinking


Yup I’m also not seeing cash jams on either track this week. I am able to get to the Daily Challenge portal from the Career screen though.


There’s got to be something going on with cheaters in cash jam. The top place on free daily jam is way too low for a 2 lap race, look at 2nd and beyond time.


This happened to me recently. The time from a challenge goes to a different challenge than the one they played. They will autoloss that guy’s time.


Correct description by LesterWire. This is a bug that is being fixed.

For the WC we will manually check so there’s no errors for each daily.



Any news regarding this?


Hey guys, so i just got a new phone (Iphone 6S) and i logged in with facebook just like i do on my old phone and it was all good except for the cash part…I tried logging in to my old account but wouldn’t let me so i gotta start over with gold. But I don’t wanna get banned or anything so just wonderin if anyone knows how to fix this, or if i just start over. Thanks!

@MrSilverfox @JoeW723


You don’t need to create a new account, write an email to: and I’m sure they’ll help you out in no time!


Beauty thanks


there are news regarding the cash jam for Android ?


Wont happen probably, its not up to turborilla, its a nope from google on ‘gambling’