The OFFICIAL "VS week"


I actually lost hahah


You can believe it or not but on the versus track Swab City I got a 19:04, not lying either


Holy shit bragstad!!! :scream::scream::scream: are you freaking insane??? How the hell did you pull that time off?? I mean a low 23!! Fine! I could have thought that in VS. But a fuckin 22??? Jezus! :scream::joy::joy:
That has to be a fuckin WR!
I’m signing it up:
Desert vs Rainforest: 22.853 (Bragstad)


Wow… 22s are fast… I dont know how… This is my personal best…


Would be cool to get a 29 in vs

(Sorry garry)


Here’s my best so far on wise up, C how it holds up?


Holy hell you made a mess of that post :joy: cleaned it up a bit for you :blush:


Yeh sorry bout the mess,


Dude! Just put in a screenshot or vid. And then type something about it. You dont have to quote me. :+1:


Uhh, BRAGSTAD I hate to rub it in but…


Hahaha rub what in? :wink:




Good one :joy:


Touchè :joy:




Everything but back scrubbing the wall which can make like a half a second.


Racing @mx.phreek on his mx_phreek track :wink:


Killer run! Hard to beat.



Well i sent this to “chykason” and there were No backscrubs on the Wall just ordinary scrubing over the on off sections even missed the scrub after the whoops. I think It’s very likely to hit under 27 s on this one! :smiley: