The OFFICIAL "VS week"


Did u get the bounce?


The bounce is extremely hard to get, not for you though


You just gotta practise and practise :wink: but i dont get it every time


Yeah but it was one of those last minute hit the Bo ce and nothing else fancy :joy:


I can hit the bounce about 2 times each versus race


Is there a way to find out what the world records are for the week… vs… that would be cool… woukd be neat to see howwe match up to the best… lol


Some tracks are hard to track down a record for. If they haven’t been in jam there is no record. Thats one off the reason i started this thread. Here we can post our records. If they are WR? Well if No one can post a better time?. Then In this perticular thread. It’s a WR!
Like this one for example. Unless someone can beat this time! I stand as a WR time holder on "DESERT VS RAINFOREST "
But as usual! Someone (@Bragstad) comes along and knocks me off the podium :joy::joy::joy:


I got a very low 24 on that one


Had this bad boy screenshoted… I think it’s a good time? :joy:


Hey thanks… I was pretty happy with my ninjitsu run… so i said i better capture that one lol… wanted to see if amyone was faster and by how much.


Is that one on this week?
Good time mate! :+1::blush:


Dude! That is a good time! And if No one posts a better time here, you stand as WR holder, atleast in here. Good job! :+1::blush:


Well i just got knocked off the podium by my team mate @RC_Yunes he crushed me with one scrub that i missed. Great job! :+1::blush::smiley:


Hey I know that guy


Haha Yeah? Great guy, really fast :grinning:


So new WR on "Desert VS Rainforest"
THR_RC28 : 23.574
I doubt even @Bragstad can beat that time! Atleast not easily :smiley:
Challenge accepted??


Nah mate was like a month ago but I’m pretty sure it would be up there in like top 10 in the world surely… maybe not though :joy:


Ahaha :joy: Then we just have to wait until it comes back again to check :+1:

Just raced sixfoot and boy he is fast. This time he made without scrub before the whoops!!!



I had a tough time beating that one :disappointed: