The OFFICIAL "VS week"


Hey @OnTheFrontLine on mad skills bmx 2 can you change my current name YZF_Blucru562 to THR_Blucru562 @THR_Birdshaw


I’m 9th in Tennessee on one of the jam tracks.


Are there only 9 people playing in Tennessee? :wink:


I think a name change will affect both games. But I’m more than willing to Welcome you to THR


Well its just on my phone I’m THR on my iPad but I’m going to use my iPad for mad skills motocross and my phone for mad skills bmx bc I’m on my phone more and bmx 2 rocks.


@THR_Jogga72 maybe



still some room for improvement, still felt fast though





:joy::joy::joy: savage


I’m fast :sunglasses::joy::joy::joy: but no really this time is pretty good I think


Not sure how this hold up here but felt quick :slightly_smiling_face: