The OFFICIAL "VS week"


After the huge triple slow down or scub and wheel tap over the last jump so you don’t jump it you stay on the ground and gain time. I think that’s what your saying on nemesis


Dang dude nice time!!! I am trying to see if i can get into the 29’s on my laptop and nope… not yet lol


Dude I cannot play on anything but my phone. Takes me forever to build anything cause I suck. :joy:


Yes you want that tiny bump scrubed, but! It’s ok to just lean forward hard over it and then put your frontwheel up in the sky and scim them whoops. You get a tiny bit faster if u get a perfect zse scrub over the bump. Perhaps like 0.2 max. :smiley:
That time however is with a lean forward on the bump. :grin:




If they create a cumulative Best Time for Versus, you don’t need anyone to look it up.


Can anyone beat this?



14.2!! Thats a great time u have there :blush::smiley:


Before you start asking… Yes 13s are possible on ninjitsoo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’ve done a few 13s :grinning: it does require a pretty clean run though :grinning:


I remember you sent me a 13 second run once


Yes I’ve done it to but u need a backscrub at the beginning and perfect scrub afterwards plus even that last scrub :+1: :grin:


Yeah exactly… Though i believe i just did a normal first scrub everytime i got it :thinking: you don’t need a backscrub there just a clean scrub is enough :slight_smile:


Thats true. A hard scrub and just letting off gas does the trick too. The hardest is getting that last jump perfect. Backscrub is what i think i got lucky with. I usually get lucky with thoose. Like when i raced Sam in his youtube stream and got a 29.3 on sylvan circle.! :joy::joy::joy: have u seen his last vid? Or are u still on vacay?


Yeah still on vacation… I’ll watch the vids when i get home again… Anyways i think all of my 13s times were just doing the first part really clean and leaning forward on the very last jump… Don’t think I’ve ever done any fancy backscrubs in good times on that track :slight_smile:


No backscrub… just a nice low standard scrub and a scrub on the last hill.


This is a solid run on this one :blush:


someone like @Bragstad can probably get low 13s… :thinking:


It needs work to be done but pretty good time for vs right there


I can not get the wheel tap through the woops to get over the wall for my life in vs right now​:rage::joy: