The OFFICIAL "VS week"


Been taking the wrong line. :joy::joy:


@Bragstad can I send you a challenge and see what you do on that track and many others? :joy:


Thereโ€™s No sleep for the wicked :joy:


Kudla scrub that first little bump, then bounce off that first whoop then double to the next, scrub, scrub. It sets you up on the right line.


Its also kinda hard to see what heโ€™s doing because he spends 75% of the race out of the screen. :joy:


Yeah send one, whats your ingame name?


Same as here I already sent one


Actually its a bit different my in game name is YZF_JLaRue4


I did it :grin:


Fantastic job :+1::smiley: may i ask! How many tries?


Who else loves nemesis? :grin:


Love it


A lot but until I raced brags I got it


Thats a fucking good time u have there. I have done under 30. Dont remember how now cause i almost did everything right with scrubs n all. But still ended up with this time :thinking:


Did you get the scrub to the secondary line after the big triple?


Like scrub, seat bounce the end of the table, then double. A lot more fluid and shaves off quite a bit.


Sent you one @THR_Jogga72 :kissing_heart:


Do you mean scrub after the whoops to just about clear the small gap and then clear the table and then seatbounce the next table for the bigger gap then yes :blush:


How about this one? This is about as good as i can get i think! I think Itโ€™s possible to go under 28 though. Atleast for some off the fastest ones :grinning:


Thatโ€™s about the same as my fastest on that one. That last little scrub before the whoops in a pain in the ass. I always miss it. :joy: