The OFFICIAL "VS week"


I wish techno vs punk or whatever was in a track pack bc its so fun. Its just hard to have fun in two minutes and set a nice time


My Best on Ninjitsoo


Lol thanks. It can be tricky, depending on how you carry your speed through the little stutter whoops at beginning decides your next rhythms. And whether to go safe and go triple triple at end or quad double to finish.


Haha I haven’t yet! Your run must have been almost perfect


It’s nothing compared to yours but still fast, and I didn’t even hit the really fast line @Matt_Kudla


Yes! I finally got that 13!!!




Got that 18 :muscle:


a little late bit wow that was fast


Not sure If this is fast? It felt pretty quick :metal:


This was my fastest


Very nice!

I missed a few scrubs on mine I think :blush:


My best time so far.


How do you get a gold star after the track name??


Tap on that


Oh :joy:


Yea, I figured out a month ago to Mark the ones I like😂


Haha also took me like 300000 years to find out what that golden star did :joy: and i never even use it :joy: usually i don’t know even half of the track-name combinations so I’ll just click one and see which track i ended up with :joy::joy::joy:


I wish there was an option to make the start a third color too. A color For tracks you do not like :joy:


A poop emoji…