The OFFICIAL "VS week"


13’s are possible, i remember that track…


I think so too. Please give it a go! :blush:


Anyone have a 28 on flossy?


I have done a low 29 but i have No screenshot off it. Allthough i know that when it was on cash challenge dailies. A few guys crossed 29 and got high 28:s :blush:


Loving nemesis for vs. Love fuze to but can’t beileve the last jump if you don’t pop over it and jump the steep one it cost 3 seconds


How are yall doing on this track?


I can get half perfect and screw up the other half


I believe It’s possible to go under 22. Just tried it once now against thr_kingt72. Sent u this one Travis! Hope It’s ok? :smiley:
Anyway! If u can get it right def, under 22 :blush:


Next week when new vs come out can y’all put slipe and slide in as one, maybe even slip vs slide. It will have some good battles, especially if you hit the woops right and hop over the wall. Or backsrin the first jump. Good idea? @JoeW723


End wasn’t perfect and i still got this… 100% sure it’s possible to go under 22 :grinning:


Yeah! Good one :+1::blush: i’ve been on 22.1 and mine wasn’t perfect either so I’m starting to think that a low 21 is possible Perhaps even high 20 with the right person behind the renthal fatbar :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: If u could get the right line and get the bounces going in the right direction! First one to post under 22. Is the true vs god! Challenge accepted? Good! Lets go!!! :joy::joy:


Lets goooo


Not tried it much, but yeah, 21’s are possible :slight_smile:


Damnnnn I was literally racing trying to go under 21s on that track for about 30 minutes and I only got to 22.1


Just gotta seeeeend it


Damn it Patrick :grin: You’re fucking incredible :joy: :+1:
I will accept u as the VS God…For now :smiling_imp: :grin:


I don’t know how tf you got 21.6 @Bragstad :joy:


And another one


I hate you. :joy:

And thank you guys for not letting me sleep til I get a 21 on this track.


Sane hahaha