The OFFICIAL "VS week"


Skipped right over the dragon back which saved me half the second you see made up. Just wheelie and hit it you will stay so low


How y’all doing on this one? :smiley: Anyone done a 39 yet??


Solid runs, but I know that jakes escape is 40 times for sure


Damn that’s really fast!!! Do you tire tap the last jump on jakes?


No I didn’t try that :sweat_smile:


What’s everyone got on see through?


Damn how did you manage that you freak!!!
This is my best so far :smiley:


Lucky backscrub on the triple. Bitched out on that last little scrub. Coulda been .5 :confused:


I have done that a couple of times but haven’t experienced that it’s faster then an ordinarily scrub. :thinking::blush:


Finally got a 29 time :grinning:


Lolololol Beatin dad’s meat.

Edit: Fuzzied for the kiddos.


Believe it or not he was in TCR as Stonify and he’s my bro :joy:


My best on this track so far, 22 is possible but you need to hit an insane backscrub to make it possible


Backscrubs for years


Is 14 seconds possible? @THR_Dutchman @mundey10 @Bragstad @LesterWire @THR_Jogga72 @THR_KingT72?


I think so


Think so to. :blush:


Improved a bit but there is still a lot of time to be saved on several places on the track. Wouldn’t be surprised if someone did a 28 anytime soon :sweat_smile:


New week new possibilities :smiley:
How are y’all doing on this one? It’s a bumpy ride this track :sweat_smile:


Back scrubs