The OFFICIAL "VS week"


That track just sucks :joy:




How :scream:


I have no idea haha


Whaaaat, i havent even gotten a 17 yet


Cant have WR on every track now can you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Its ok, those screenshots are photoshoped :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Let’s end this fantastic week of vs on great tracks with a Personal Best “PB”.
I finally managed to get the sweet line on “Head Case” Invented by no one else then @Bragstad… Crazy Norwegian :sweat_smile:, didn’t manage his sick time, Under 31s. But came out with a pretty low 31s at least. Thanks for showing your fast lines Patrick :blush: You make me and everyone else who think you’re the fastest, fast with you :pray::grin:


What line? The one where you dont slow down near the end but make the stretch all the way over?


You talking about that insane quad?


Well you could call it that haha i usually do sort of semi quad and the tiretap the thing you would land in for the quad


Here is a start… not great but lets get the week started…


Yupp that’s the line plus all the way over in the beginning middle :+1::blush:


What about this? Definitely possible to go under 25 no probs. But who will be first? :grinning:


And this one!

Wonder if it’s possible to do a 42s :smiley:


And this one! Anyone ever done a 14s??


One time I did a 15:017 on that track, and no I don’t have a screenshot of it


Meeeeee!!! I’m first :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


My best time on Big Bertha so far