The OFFICIAL "VS week"


Look at this champ huh! :sweat_smile: Jezus!


And not that it Matters anymore but i did another one and this was with only nosewheelie on the second downhill. The first was just barely decent. :blush:




Are these good times?





They’re ok, but you’ll get better though


Forgott to put in my best on Rapid fire. So here it goes, not that it’s comparable with the best off you guys :blush::+1:


Paging @THR_Jogga72 sup dude kip said you
wanted a clip from vertical vs horisontal, heres a run 32.4 by me and 32.3 kip :neutral_face:


Lovely :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


Dude those were awesome!!!


Did you notice kip flew all the way up on the table in the end.


Amasing. Thanks! :grinning:


Ive actually nose wheelied the first one good enough to jump all the way into the next section twice, but you usually bounce to shit in the whoops :confused: Its crazy speed up until then tho :smile: Kip has a better resolution one så check in with him


Yeah me to! It would be perfect if you could land just before the whoops. But i always land in the whoops


Yeah i told him to post it but yours will do just fine. It’s perfect👍


Heres kips clip, great comeback by the old bastard :smile:


Yeah there you can see clearly that It’s the second nosewheelie that really matters! :grinning: Imagine both perfect and you would be doing a 31s. Definitely.