The OFFICIAL "VS week"


That means I’m exactly half a second behind the WR! :sweat_smile: Jezuz!! Who has the WR? @Zse743 Btw! That was set on jam right? Thats with how many tries that you want. We only have 2min plus extra if you got some. I would say that the real WR should be on VS mode Hahaha :sweat_smile:.


Dont do that :smiley: If you want to go under 33s on vertical track, dont focus to much on the first wheelie, make that one decent, you dont need a slingshot from that one. Infact! That can actually ruin your run, however! The other downhill, there you would want the slingshot effect, so focus on that one. Get that one perfect and the first one decent and you’re home my friend. :smiley:


Svendsgard had that world record…but you do need to keep in mind that that was still back on bike 10


Yeah thats right, it was. But then again bike 10 isn’t slower than bike 11 except the acceleration. And 11 has better brakes. Same speed though. Right? Atleast thats What i’ve heard.
Btw how are you doing on the vertical track Jonne? Will you let me defeat you on that one? Or will you go under 32.6 LOL :smiley:


Uh no idea haha haven’t played the game too much these past few days :grimacing: maybe I’ll try later this week :grinning: anyways yeah you’re right about the bike 10 and 11 speed but the acceleration is actually a pretty noticeable difference


Oh Yeah definitely, acceleration is a lot :blush:


Its the start of bike 11 and being able to come down and accelerate faster to hit a big jump that makes such a noticeable difference.


didnt see to many times on this track, not sure how fast this is.


Yeah no clue i never pick that track cause i think it’s boring as hell :joy:


Were do you find the WR times for these tracks out of interest


Vamquish was one of the jam tracks during the world championship qualifiers


Shit man thats a sick time on that track. Under 19 is superfast, you must have scrubed the shit out off it. :sweat_smile:


Jam tracks are easy to find WR on. The other once which only appear on vs. Well we kind of state that the one with the fastest time posted here is WR holder until someone posts a better time. There are no records for vs tracks other then here. :sweat_smile::+1:


Anotha one


There is a crazy fast line on that track, remember it from the last time in was in vs, 18.5 might be possible.


How? You take the whoops instead of jumping over?
I’ve done a backscrub at the second jump that gives you another line. Is that the line?


Yupp thats the line, if u execute it perfectly its a lot faster


Ok then there’s just the part when you need to do a perfect braking :sweat_smile:


You do a brake scrub after the first jump? I did that and i can see it being faster… Didn’t do the part after that scrub perfect and it was about even


This just in.!! Our own KIP DA WHIP has done a 32.3 on V vs H. How insane must that ride be !!! :smiley::smiley: also known as Dmax16