The OFFICIAL "VS week"


Keep in mind that this is the 2nd time im trying it and i cased the last quad (without scrubbing) ;)))))


Which means, 19’s are doable, dont think its gonna happen in vs tho


Nah 19s aren’t doable man even if you scrub that last jump it’s not gonna be an entire second faster… I will say though you’re an absolute madman for doing it on your second time trying the track :joy::joy::joy:


Put this in jams and i would put thousand of dollars on a 19


Okay i wouldn’t put a 1000 dollars on it being impossible :joy: but it would be fucking insane if anyone did


But then again you pretty much are fucking insane :joy:


Im gonna get close by sunday, ill send a screenshot when i do (coocky as a motherfucker i know)


Haha no seriously I’d love to see that screenshot man :grinning::+1: and this is not sarcastic i just would be really really surprised if 19s were actually possible


I dont have a recordimg app no. Wish i had though. I Thought u had some kind off recording app :thinking: Dont know why​:grin:
Anyway! Nice time u put down​:blush::+1:
I believe that It’s possible to do a time around 20.103 ish​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: on this one. If u had endless tries like in Jam.:smiley:
Btw! @Bragstad do u quad, quad, tripple quad?. Or do u somehow scimm the large whoops?. I mean! To get a time like that on such a short track. Fuckin amasing :smiley::smiley:

New :star:️WR:20.844 :star:️ (Bragstad)


I do a quad quad double, i can send u a time so u can see :+1:t2:


Oh! Ok! Please do that :smiley::+1:


whips out large penis *




Almost Forgot about this, but yeah this wasnt clean, and im still 99% sure that we would break 19’s in jam


Ok :grinning: I tried that line. Can’t make the speed to set up for the first quad! I understand why you won the WC :+1: And maybe you’re right! If the track was in jam. Then a high 19, would be possible. Maybe!:blush:


My best time. Some one beat this time??



Those are really good times Sam! :grinning:
What do u say @Bragstad?
Can u go under 14 on “He man vs Skeletor”?
And maybe under 26 on “Going Up”?
I will give it a go atleast :+1::blush:


Some dude i was racing did a 14:1xx i believe… Nice time though man!

I’m pretty sure this is possible


My best time on that track so far is a 26:393 i believe :slight_smile:️ not 100% sure if that was my best so far but i think it was