The OFFICIAL "VS week"


ok lets me wipe my fingers, bend over, and get ready for some ass rape first, one sec. I’ll pray for a win from the mad skills gods here too… Ok im ready.


Ok! Everybody!
Possible WR here!??
If u can beat this time!, Well Congrats😃


Not at all cocky :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::hugs::smiling_imp:
I dont think even
@THR_Dutchman can beat it.
Maybe @Bragstad can though😊


Is the track on this week? Cause then i might have to try it :joy:


Oh yes it sure is👍


I’ll give it a try haha


Good luck! I managed to get a backscrub from the little step up jump. And then it was just full throttle after that​:joy::+1:
Honestly! A time around 26 is a good time.


Are you sure it’s this week?! I played quite a few races looking for that track and haven’t gotten it once haha


If u go to the section where you see which people u follow. Then click the play button behind one of them. If u dont get it up with the first 3 choices just x it down and try again untill it pops up😊 It’s there my friend. Just tried it myself and it was Among the first 3 choices👍


Ok! Here we go! If someone has done a better time on this track “Calm VS Storm” Please post it here on the forum. I think this one is a totally new track. So the fastest time posted will officially be WR holder. Atleast here in the Forum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grinning:


Cue @Bragstad posting a 19 second time


Impossible :grin: Maybe a low 21 or a high 20! :grinning:


High 18.


ill get it, just for u @THR_Birdshaw


Haha you’ll be able to get a 20s… Under that i can tell you with decent conviction that it’s humanly impossible :grinning:


He aint human.


I have to agree with dutchman. Allthough it would be awesome to see how to even get under 21s. Please record if u do @Bragstad. :grinning:


Dont even know which track it is, trying to find it.
Do u have a recording app @THR_Jogga72 ?


It’s calm vs storm


Yeah, i can read, just that i didnt remember the track by the name hahaha