The official TSR sign up thread - Hilo de inscripsion Oficial para TSR


Go men!!!:+1::+1:


you are welcome to TSR


On second thought, I prefer privateering it. The team thing really never was for me. Politics and speaking publicly, signing autographs etc… Can you change my user name to DEFTEK67_USA please?


Sure. @OnTheFrontLine


I think you’d be better off as well. TSR_DEFTEK67_US


Yeahh that one!!! @OnTheFrontLine


@DEFTEK67 Im confused as can be… What is your current name? Im changing it to DEFTEK67_USA right?


In less than 48 hours, you joined THR, TSR and left to stay team less. That’s a record.


@DEFTEK67 nevermind i found it. Name has been changed to DEFTEK67_USA


Thank you! I think Turborilla should have its own team TTR… Just a thought…


Barely in TSR for 24 hrs but hitting podium in CA! Next going for National leaderboards😏


Yes., Thank you and I don’t need to explain again what my reasons are. I have already said all I need to. My apologies for the inconvenience.


Yeah. hR, TSR, TCR or whatever “team” players sign up with the fact is you are sti on your own on the track. There are no team events or championships for sponsors or manufacturers. So, I opt out of the fun you fellas are having.


No problem man :slight_smile:




You might need this pill, senior :wink:


Thanks the pill was refreshing and expanded my horizons beyond the shallow pools of mindlessness and ignorance that are set before us to distract us and keep some from reaching the goal… Lol… :wink:


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Enough already… now both of you take a deep breath and go grind some more instead.
Thank you :slight_smile:


I hope you could see from that message that I was making light of it and having a bit of fun…