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Welcome to the TM team


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Do you want something different? another name.


Changed to TM_MNDZ130


What the actual fuck…


Geeze. Tell me a name (any name) and I’ll change it again. May I suggest “Marco”?:grinning:


Are u kidding me haha
Dude how about i join your team? Hahaha @THR_Birdshaw


I can’t find your profile :thinking: how about you explain to me why you’re “too good” for their team :grinning:


Well i checked it out and i really don’t see why you would “deserve” a “better” team :thinking: and i also don’t see what’s wrong with TM by any means actually :thinking:


I hope everything is fine.


Offer still stands. Any name. Be it THR_somethongsomethong Thats fine


Don’t worry man everything is fine :slight_smile:


how about that?:joy:



if thats at the finish line it seems like zse won


What is this I see haha


You’re right THR_MX_GOON
I’m just having fun @Zse743
I am where he is not :upside_down_face: