The official THR sign up thread


Is that a confirmed name?




Sign me up!



How do you want your username?


Choose one or finetune to your taste


syclone0182 has been changed to THR_Sycho0182 :slight_smile: Another member has been converted to the dark side


would be great


@OnTheFrontLine @JoeW723

Make it happen.


@JoeW723 @OnTheFrontLine

My friend would like to join THR. His ingame username is Rageracer_CA.


@DEFTEK67 good to go homie! Welcome to the team!


@THR_chykason_NG inhave changed it to THR_Rageracer :thumbsup:


Can I join too?


Hell yeah you can :slight_smile:


Fucking A! Pardon my French.


So who’s in this ramshackle gang of knuckleheads


We need to get @Master52 on team THR. Come to the Pink side and rep THR in the world championship!!


For the complete list of members, check the original post. I’ll keep adding all the new names there


Youre missing thr_bikbolobndt and thr_switch, its hard to keep up


Make sure you all join our Facebook group. It’s called THR Super Secret Public Page.
We also have a group chat, but a word of warning; if you are offended by ANYTHING at all, stay clear of the chat.



I play all days and want to better than those guys of TCR!


I like your enthusiasm :joy: