The official THR sign up thread


I know, right? I just had my best single track finish and second best overall finish.


Thats cause I stepped in as your coach last week :slight_smile:


You’ll need to do that every week, you know that, right?


Anytime bruh!


can you add me


my time in brap


Hmm… I guess it’s fast enough. :slight_smile:


can you change my nickname of pichaloca to THR_Pichalok_SD


Note to everyone! Dont forget your new forum nickname when you’re having troubles logging in on the forum after the changes has been made



Yo fellow H’s who finished first on our team last week? We need in house prizes @Kipketer @THR_Birdshaw. @JamesA did you take it?

Off-topic, didn’t want to create a whole new thread for it but… is there a way to change country you ride for in game somewhere? I just noticed someone jumped countries into where I’m at all of a sudden that’s why I ask. Also, even though I live here most of the time in Nicaragua, I still am a USA resident. Just wondering if there’s a quick way to change countries.


Android. Lorky, Blissy and James was our fantastisc four last week :racehorse:

To change country, click the flag


Thanks dude!


Im in! Im in div 1 as of now. Could you change my name in-game from motomonster99 to THR_Earplugz and add THR to my user account on here. Thanks! @OnTheFrontLine


@THR_Birdshaw let’s get a list of team members on the OP so that everyone can add everyone if possible.


I’ve been slowly adding every THR member. More than I thought lol


Yeah… you know I would do that. But that takes like effort and stuff. Effort aint really my bag, you know?
Awesome idea incomming! You know who does that whole effort deal? My vice President. @Kipketer, get in here. We need you!


@THR_Earplugz Good to go


Same thing here, scrubmate


THR is getting big I see


Join us bro!