The official THR sign up thread


I just got another superstar to sign for us.


Awesome. Dat fucker be fast!


Alright boys slow down a sec… The way we are going to need to do this is make a reply, put both your current name and what you want your THR name to be. That way i can streamline the process and keep the questions down to a minimum haha


@51Ce what is your ingame name and what do you want it to be?

@chykason What is your ingame name and what do you want it to be?


Current name: f1ftyone
New ingay name: THR_f1ftyone

Can we change the team name to Team Hot Rectum?


Here you go Birdshaw…something you can work off of for the banner


I’m already in.


You have changed it already,

but somehow my bikes are now locked except Bike 1.

It seems that the username change was the cause.

Pls help me unlock my Bike 10 :unlock:

Tag: @JoeW723


Damn bro that sucks :thumbsdown: hope they fix it.


The is beyond @OnTheFrontLine. We need @JoeW723


Tnx. I have tagged him.


Should be fixed. Please explain anything you did leading up to this. It’s been happening to others and we are trying to figure out why.


When I remember, I usually turn off data after the Jam opponent has loaded. Sometimes if the network isn’t strong, finding/loading opponent becomes a Herculean task and turning off data then might either make me race alone or against my best time.

I’ll then keep playing until I win my Jam opponent, then turn on data so that the better time will be automatically sent. I dont think its the cause anyway.


Tnx. It’s now fixed.


How bout Three Hard Rectums then kick everyone but 3 guys off the team


in game is DBStudiosMedia


I think the name will have THR as a constant. What THR stands for is subject to change as often as daily.


@dbrown8579 So i need to trim off some letters to fit the 15 character limit… THR_DBStudios or something similar. Just let me know how you want it


@OnTheFrontLine Either that or THR_DBrown8579 works for me, make it a surprise haha


@dbrown8579 good to go!