The official THR sign up thread


I meant difficult for James to beat his own Norway time for it to register in the Vatican


The. We will pull it from Norway


@THR_chykason_NG i updated my time without breaking a sweat, however switching now (at least on the first track) would be a bitch :smiley:


would i be able to join THR? my username is cademan722. if it’s too long it can be shortened to just cade722


THR_Cademan722 fits within 15 character limit… Did you finish the first career track called braap in under 2 minutes is the real question :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


i sure hope i did haha! thank you guys!


welcome! Come join us on Facebook on THR - super secret Public page for tips, tricks and loads of fun. And no @THR_Dutchman😀


Hahaha you’re such a dick :joy::joy::joy:


But am I wrong?


No sometimes the truth hurts :cry::joy::joy:


yo dude birdshawshankredemption somewhere you tagged me for userpic. do you guys want the PSD so someone else can do them? Its preddy basic.


Yes, bro. Thanks in advance.


i use microsoft paint 2003 only sooooo


It’s settled then. Quaid will do the names from now on.


anyone know how to change profile picture on iPhone, used to do it in gamecenter but that is gone, the settings menu section that says change profile picture doesnt have any way to upload a picture…


If you are one of those people that don’t do social media my best advice is to open a bs Twitter account, put up your new picture and Pair with that. If you dont want Twitter to know your e-mail you can use ten minute mail.


Anthem THR


TSR anthem.


Ondale wey, esta buenisima la musica (y).


hahaha nice