The official THR sign up thread


I’ve added you provisionally. The ritual will commense at some point during the next 4-6 weeks at your home. Usually between the hours of 2-5 AM.


And It’s a horrific experience​:scream: I’m not really human yet​:unicorn::unicorn::unicorn:



Hello, I would like to join the group THR, My name in the game and XXVicTorProXX


Sorry I deleted your versus :grimacing: didn’t know you were gonna be THR (and i don’t really play versus anymore lately) :grimacing: anyways @THR_Birdshaw will change your name but there is a 15 character limit so you might have to remove some of the X… Welcome to the team! :+1::grinning:


Many thanks, you can put THR_VicTorPro_-


Attention: @THR_Birdshaw


Yeah Yeah Yeah. Calm your tits! :grinning:

Welcome to the team @XXVicTorProXX!


thank you !! :grin:


How do I put this pink tag in the profile picture ??


theres some lazy guy that does it i think. you’ll have to join the facebook page! @THR_Birdshaw


What’s the facebook page?


THR - super secret Public page


@THR_BLISSY52 @THR_LorkyMX2 @JamesA @THR_VicTorPro_l @THR_Bonnetron @Duke724 don’t forget to change your regions to Holy See (Vatican City State)… Don’t know if you guys had thought about it but saw blissy didn’t do it yet so figured I’d say it :slight_smile:


thanks for the heads up @THR_Dutchman i was wondering why Bragstad changed his country, i thought he might be just hanging with the pope or something :grinning:
Goddammit!! there goes my ONLY chance of being 1st in Norway :joy:


Put in a few runs in norway and then better ones in the vatican


That awkward moment when the Norway time proved difficult to beat


Uhm… heard of Bragstad?


If I change now will I lose my times


No you wont. They will stay in England, at least untill you improve.


They will stay in England forever. I have witnessed such