The official THR sign up thread


@THR_Birdshaw will get that done for you tomorrow… I’m assuming he’s asleep right now :sweat_smile:
anyways welcome to the team when your name gets changed :grinning::+1:


Sure man! Welcome to the team!


Hey! Mister Master Prezident!
It would be really sweet if u could somehow make a list of all the THR_ members.
That way one could follow everyone ingame. And see which position u have amongst us THR_.:smiley:


I doubt that’s even possible with this many members :joy: i think everyone lost track after the first like 20 had joined us :joy:


Btw i like how the first message this topic states me as “the artist formerly known as Mr_Epic1234” :joy::joy::joy:


I have no fucking clue, man😀There is an incomplete list on Facebook (not that that helps you) and an outdated list at the top of this thread.




Ain’t there a way that you can make a players query like “thr_*” like when devs search for someone to see their account status, bike configuration, or even see premium status and such?


There IS a way to do it, but it takes like effort and shit, and I’m not sure I’m in the market for that😀
The system is surprisingly rudimental.


seria algo asi = SELECT * FROM Players WHERE Players.nickname like ‘THR%’;


New name will only show up on the leaderboards if you set a better time, just click your name… Should be the right name in the profile thingy :grinning:
Edit: just looked you up to see if i could find you… Your name has the THR tag :+1:


Got it. Thanks


TSR Family


hhaha. in my team also two members from mexico. but the THR FAMILY is so nice
like say nelson “HAA HAA”


WonderWhirled. Im usually floating in the top 200-800. I dont know if theres a certain place i need to be in or some initiation ritual… either way let me know. Thanks


We only have one requirement, you need to be able to finish the very first career track (braap) in 2 minutes :joy: welcome to the team man! @THR_Birdshaw will get your name changed :+1:


Haha done. Thanks man!


@THR_Dutchman: Don’t forget about the obligatory initiation ritual!!
@THR_Birdshaw: Please help @WonderWhirled do our initiation ritual! You know the one with a fish, duct tape, and a pair of stilts! :wink:

…And don’t forget to post pictures of it afterwards on our super secret THR facebook page! :smiley:


The Herring Ritual? Hey just realizing my names too long so lets try GigglyBits


change location to holland and finish above dutchman new requirement

haha jk id get kicked off lmaooooo