The official THR sign up thread


Man i just realized something. I have 8-48 on sick. And i have 4-24 on you dutchman. My math tills me that u guys should be equally fast :thinking: :joy:


LISTEN EVERYBODY. I promise you she literally is unbeatable it’s impossible. I’m officially quitting versus forever because of sick11111. yep. im done. literally cant win. and this is coming from a guy who finishes top 100 jams on the average week. DAMN YOUUUUUUUU!!!


TheHoodRats? :joy:Sign me up Steeli347


@THR_sick11111 do we have a challenge going? If not, send me one.

BTW I did a few more pics the other day and am available to do some if anyone is lacking. I just can’t keep track of who doesn’t have one, so tag me in a message here on the forum because fuck facebook.


THR stands for whatever you feel like calling it. My favorite so far is Tremendously Horny Rhinos. Welcome. I’ll go ahead and change your name… again😀


Quaid thats really pitty that u quit against me. I just had a good run and bit of luck :blush:



I just sent a challenge :wink:
Good luck - u ll Need it! :smiling_imp:


Yeah Yeah Yeah!:slight_smile: you’ll come back, begging for more. And u know it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:
Send me a challenge and maybe u can get your rates up a bit😀 Not to mention your selfasteam😜 I think u need a boost. Racing me might just get you that confidence back😁.


U find me as “THR_Jogga72”


Lol thanks man I’m finding all sorts of cool stuff on this forum🤘🏻




Now send them!




Damnit, you just made me hungry!


Can u change my username from “Crudi” to "THR_Crudi"
Please @THR_Birdshaw @JoeW723


THR family.


Peut tu changer mon name schulfuf =THR Thod


Y a une erreur c’est schulsfuf


Sure man. Welcome. I had to make it THR_Thod due to no spaces being allowed.


Bro, can I join up? If so, could you please change me from Jwratt19 to THR_Jwratten19