The official THR sign up thread


Whoever wants to get their win loss ratio better… challenge me im new @ THR_quaid


Done :wink: THR Quaid


I beat u once but my ph died before i could post the time. But now we wont get any new members :joy::metal::metal:


Could you change my forum name plz Mr Demagog sir. Lol THR_BlkBoloBndt


I just sent a new vs time to you. For now my streak is bout 50. Who will be the first that destroy my streak :joy:


My network providers are bein a pack of assholes so me vs times are 2nd priority to jam lol but il get at it when its back to the norm. Ur too fast anayway haha


Does anybody else other than THR_sick11111 want to race because it would be nice to win for once hahaha


You can challenge me… I haven’t played too much versus anymore lately but I’ll race back


Think I just saw @B1gD1ck end the streak… :wink:


No kipketer destroyed it again :cry::cry::cry:


Yeah. That guy is a dick.


Could play versus with me i am THR_Pichalok_SD


You are so fast. but i will win you


No u won’t she is crazy fast. I have a 8-48 on her. She’s the one who has 48 btw.
But I’m definitely not the fastest biker here. :smiley:


She’s fast indeed but like i said earlier not unbeatable… One of the challenges i was way ahead and then my screen decided to stop working so our challenge should be tied… You’ll beat her eventually! :+1:


But thats coming from a guy who always finish in the top 50 out of 150 000 people playin’ Jam… :wink:


Haha man you completely ruined the effect of my motivational speech :joy: seriously though even if you don’t finish top 50 every week she’s still beatable if you just keep trying. That’s just like me against zse. He’s freaking unbeatable but i have 16 wins against him because i played a lot of challenges (he has over 200 against me​:joy:) so if you just keep trying no matter how much faster the opponent is you’ll eventually get a couple of wins


So true😊 There will come a track where you can beat them.
Even u will come to a track where you can be beaten dutchman. And guess who will be there to beat you??
Thats right​:blush: Me! :joy: Muha ha ha ( Evil laugh) :upside_down_face:


Hahaha what’s with the 4 wins you already have those don’t count as me getting beaten? :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:


Nope pure luck, and u know it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: