The official THR sign up thread


Can you use emoji in the names? Like THR_ :point_right::ok_hand:


Just tried on here… didn’t work. Wont work ingame either.

But it works just fine in titles :grinning:


Amazeballs dude. Nice.


I’d love to join. Not the fastest player, but not the slowest (that I know of), that counts for something right?

Current name is Thanael, pending name change to SomeGuy, but would love to make it THR_SomeGuy if you will have me.


That depends… can you finish Braap in less than two minutes?


Had to use nitro, but yeah I got it under 2 minutes. Man that Ace is a fast guy.


Tell me about it. Welcome!


Thank you, glad to be aboard. How do I get the sweet profile pic banner :wink:


Join THR - Super Secret Public Page on Facebook. There is a thread where you can submit your pic to get it pinked the fuck up. But Colin is about as fast as the ACE on Braap


I got mad paint skillz, I can pink it up with permission


Bird you still want that pic from the thread? Sorry dude been super busy not on facebook with the holidays and shit.


Yeah man😊


here ya go


My friends want to join. Can you make jcam97 - THR_jcam97 and wiggity219 -THR_wiggity219 @OnTheFrontLine


wiggity219 is good to go. I cannot find a jcam97


Oh my bad its j97cam. Thank you bro :unicorn:


That worked way better haha. Good to go!


Thanks man! :sunglasses:


@OnTheFrontLine can you change hannahlefler to THR_hannahlefler in game? @THR_Birdshaw …we have a girl now lol


I’m still not convinced girls exist, but awesome!
Her name, however, is 16 characters and we need it at 15 or under.