The official THR sign up thread


THR or TCR i don’t know tough decision haha


THR all the way Master!

TCR are for sellouts :smile:

Welcome :heart:


We have unicorns, man! And no cheaters.
And don’t forget we have the title masters, Mr Greatest Of all Times


THR_Master52 :muscle: perfect.

Welcome James!


Dude! If you join I will change my name to THR_Birdshit!


@OnTheFrontLine can you change me in game name to THR_Bonnetron. Not sure how, but it changed back to the old one again


It would be an honor to have you ride with us. That is if you can beat braap in less than 2min. Of course :joy: . so say you finish 100 in the world and TCR comes along an says your not a top rider still (you suck) an if you believe that to be true not just for yourself but anyone then TCR is for you. If you don’t believe that then THR will fit you comfortably bro.


Yomos, if any new members need pic changes or anything let me know!


I’m new. I would like a pic change. Thank you


Im in, THR_Middlefinger

@OnTheFrontLine Sir, can you change my name to THR_Middlefinger, forgot to tag you last time


Are you a fan of snow, sir?


well, im from Colombia what do you think chico?

Ofc Im :triumph:


@Michael_Hdz What is your current in game name?


This one, C17H21NO4


@Michael_Hdz It is 1 character too long. Anything else you would like?


What about THR_Skinny


Yo @OnTheFrontLine there seems to be some kind of issue with THR_Mieszko it has gone back to Mieszko_. We need to resolve this quickly, hes our top dog this week :smile:


Got it changed back


@Michael_Hdz That works :slight_smile:


Its the THR bandwagon :joy: