The official THR sign up thread


@Christian2011 good to go! Hey @THR_Birdshaw I am pretty sure we are the largest team in MadSkills history amirite?!? We should get a helmet or something amirite @hyarion?!? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


THR_Christian is great thanks :slight_smile:


How do you get the pink in your pic


There is a thread with it on the Facebook page. THR - super secret public page


Is there a way to change our in game avatar to these ones we use here?


Do that via the social media you’re connected to the game with


I like THR but I’m not sure I’m gonna be running a pink ribbon with the face a chuck Norris on crack yet


You just have to run it long enough for you to change it in mad skills


Exactly Birdshaw.
@THR_Madskillz Then change it back again on the social media you’re on.
Do it right n00b :smile:


Haven’t seen you in the forums in a while. Welcome back :motorcycle: :unicorn:


Thanks! I’ve been busy lately but I should be on a lot more now


But dude… then allll those people who saw you change it in the first place will be like asking questions and shit.


Guys really easy, just make a new twitter account specifically for this.

So just tested this out and it works great. Go make a twitter account, I made one with the username @THR_f1ftyone. Upload your sweet pink pic to it as your profile pic. Then go in game and add the twitter account and whalla… you have your custom pic in game now.


This is what happens when you drink an play msmx2 …you eventually give up because your bored of crashing on the first scrub. Then you draw a shitty team logo like this :joy:


In game name is xXProSkillzXx


Thats AWESOME!!!


I would totally wear it on a shirt :joy:


Dude, birdman is lining up to have ink done as we speak :smile:


Prove it!


You always do this!