The official THR sign up thread


At some point, we are going to take over the world.


Amen to that :beers:


Yeah, THR all over the Forum. Look at all that Pink.


Anyone who doesn’t have a userpic yet, send me a PM and I can whip it up right quick!


I used location faker and joined the sentinlese island. I was first outta 1 for 3 weeks straight


Hey man is there a way I can join


Yes! Tell us what you want to be called starting with THR_ (15 character limit) and our main man @OnTheFrontLine will get you settled.


I’m cool witH THR_Strategos


@Evan_Strategos What is your current name in game?


I have decided to go back to privateer. Can you please make my user name DEFTEK67_USA? Thank you… Sorry for the inconvenience. I have decided the whole THR thing might be considered gay bashing and I would like to be politically correct and leave the pink to those breast cancer fighters and survivors…


You’re the real hero @OnTheFrontLine


THR is actually ANYTHING but gay bashing. In our little group of idiots pretty much anything goes except homophobia. But I get where you’re coming from. To avoid any confusion we have also taken the homo out of our name. THR stands for what ever we feel like having it stand for at any given moment.


Team Hero Racing … Team Hedgehog … Team Hyper …Team Hotdogs …


Team homo team hetero team hothole team holyshit and my favorite team horny rabi’s


I’m more of a fan of THR stands for THRUST.

“Sofia fingered the cell phone and credit card Jack thrust into her hands on her way out the door.”
“Jack padded to her and thrust his moist nose into her ear.”
“I thrust my hand into my pocket.”

You know… thrust.


Ok i want in on the rainbow unicorn goodness!
Will you change my name from



Had to make it weird didn’t you
WTF is that a poem


@716evo you are in :slight_smile: Should be good to go


Can I join, my ingame name is christian2011


Yes! @OnTheFrontLine
THR _Christian?