The OFFICIAL name change request thread


My first name is Holland. but can you change my name to 775_racingvideos then


That doesn’t fit in the 15 character limit :grimacing: oh and btw I’m not the one changing your name :grinning: @THR_Birdshaw will do that for you… Just send him a few options so he can try until one of them works :+1:


Hey could you try Loseyracing74 or YZRider74 please thank you


my name got changed to something i didnt want it to be changed to


What did it change to and what would you like?


Great thanks! :smile:


it got changed to Holland_NL74 and i want it to be LoseyRacing74




thank you its just what i wanted


@JoeW723 or other,

May you please change my name from redbullrider20 to o_gillil? Many thanks in advance.


@OnTheFrontLine could you change the name Fuzzbear in the game to LT_Fuzzbear
Much thanks


Good to go :thumbsup:


We create a Brazilian Team and now I wanna change some nicks.
It´s possible?

renatoo to TBR_renato
britorider to TBR_BritoRider
mtxx to TBR_ Mtxx
lucas_mx to TBR_lucasmx



cAn I name rechange quest exchange?



Idk but i dolt think it changed


Sometimes it wont change untill you post a better time than your old one




could you plz change mt friends name from TSR_Martin18 to TSR_Oodnadatta

He even gave me permission. thx


Picture of the permission or it ain’t happening. :wink: :slight_smile: