The OFFICIAL name change request thread


Hey my local TN homie! What part of the state are you in? (I’m constantly fighting against you btw :joy::joy::joy:)


Nashville TN. A lot of good guys here :call_me_hand:


I’m also constantly fighting against you for the top spots in tn … keep on these boys to get your name changed to THR :+1:


I got u fam. Who the hell is Don Ross?
Join THR - super secret Public page if you dont mind retards. @palmspring


Lol Don Ross is my name. Long story… is there a map to this super secret page? :skull_and_crossbones:


Allright man. I hate you too.
“THR -super secret Public page” is the name of the group.

Oh… Its on Facebook btw😀


Dude I’m in Nashville! (Just east of actually)

We should have a MadSkills Party :joy::+1:t2:


You’re going to have to change my name again once I’m in the crew :joy::joy::joy: is there an initiation process!? Do I have get beat to the point of death and still throw down a fast lap after lol


Maybe we should start our own team :checkered_flag:




Not a bad plan. We are taking Sycho with us though haha




Blood in, blood out, man. I still consider you a member.


I would like to change my name from mundey10 to SkyHacker14 @THR_Birdshaw


Can you please change my name from pd19 to PCD13

Thanks in advance! @THR_Birdshaw


Change to: laioxbsy -> TBR_Lucas


Can someone change my name from tamejtusan to Grahnen922


Please change my name from Jamopa to TM_Jamopa


And I want to Join the official TM team


TM dude already know about this? Ill let @THR_Birdshaw field this one