The OFFICIAL name change request thread


Sorry my dude but YG is a team created by players… Unless you have permission to join their team a YG tag won’t just be added to your name… Otherwise the whole team thing will be gone if people would just randomly join whenever they feel like it


thank you for telling me that


If you wanna join another team however… THR accepts everyone (except if you can’t beat the first career track in under 2 minutes) :grinning:


No i created my own team The Croatian Sleepers= TCS
but thanks man


Hello, would you be able to change my name from EpicBudz to EpicHugo thank you very much


I want to change my name from TBR_Penujo to THC_Penujo


I want to change my name from TBR_Penujo to THC_Penujo por favor


I cant do anything about that haha @THR_Birdshaw


Can you change those names for me please? Thank you!
TBR_Penujo -> THC_Penujo / del220 -> THC_HelioMx / TBR_SAMU192 -> THC_SAMU192


Has that a certain background of the name change.


Hey can you change my name from NaDeXeY to Dqvee please! Thanks so much! @JoeW723 @OnTheFrontLine


Good to go


@Louis_Henrique THC_LOUIS


Hello, my friends are having trouble accessing the forum, can you change 3 names for me? The 3 are authorized by each. They are the following names:
TBR_Penujo -> THC_Penujo
del220 -> THC_HelioMX
Thanks in advance! Brasil, Nordeste


@THR_Birdshaw ou @OnTheFrontLine Algum de vocês podem adicionar 3 THC_ pra mim?
Eles estão aqui comigo estão querendo muito mais ñ conseguem.
del220 -> THC_HelioMX
TBR_Penujo -> THC_Penujo


Be patient man :joy: those guys have other stuff to do besides changing names all day :joy: asking once was enough… No need to ask 3 times in a day time :grinning:


Yeah I got it. Keep your pants on😀


del220 -> THC_HelioMX
TBR_Penujo -> THC_Penujo
por favor


Ya ha sido cambiado por birdshaw no hay necesidad de volver a preguntar :grinning:

Let’s hope google translate made sense there :joy::joy::joy:


You did not give any answers, I did not know if I was going right. More already done, Thanks! + Humility